Visual Management Technology supply products and services to our clients, who are either introducing or already using, lean processes within their workplace.

Our team have years of experience implementing lean within fast paced, highly pressurised production environments. The core of our team all started their careers working for world class lean organisation Toyota Motor Manufacturing, where we built up our knowledge and expertise that our clients can count upon.

VMT started as a project within the world of Formula 1 in 2008 where error prevention in a rapidly changing environment is vital. We have since then grown to be a key supplier to many respected blue chip companies, in a variety of sectors, throughout the UK and across Europe.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a full service from initial site visit and consultation through to delivery and installation.


Visual Management is one of the foundations of the ‘Lean Temple’

A truly Lean organisation will use Visual Management as a tool for communication, standardisation and platform for improvement.

Visual management is a systems and process approach to business and is a common feature in world class organisations.


The ultimate goal of Lean processes and production is the continual elimination of waste.

Waste is defined as any factor or stage in a process that doesn’t add value for the customer


Abnormalities can be identified IMMEDIATELY. The status of the business is communicated visually, at a defined frequency, and is therefore controllable.

To CONTROL the process,we must SEE the condition.

Small investment can make big changes and reap high returns.

Involvement from all levels of the organisation will ensure factual information is displayed – root cause.

There are no boundaries to its application used across all industries, Projects – Operations – Manufacturing – Service – Business Functions.


Standardised management approach
- through use of information displayed

Drive performance-focused behaviours
- by focus on the actions required to deliver results

Recognise the abnormal condition
- by delays or concerns being clearly visible

Facilitate effective prioritised planning
- by common understanding of current status

Drive true problem understanding & resolution
- by analysis of facts


A fundamental part of any Lean Organisation, we supply Performance Visual Management Boards to support our clients to manage the performance of their business.

Our Performance Visual Management boards cover all business topics generally referred to under the headings of Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and People. Our boards are designed with people in mind, they are simple and easy to use and are tailored to reflect the area of the business that they are there to support.

We can supply a full service from conception through to implementation and training.

We specialise in the installation of full Visual Management Centres, sometimes known as War Rooms, or Obeya Rooms. Additionally we offer a design and print service which is useful when our client knows the design they want, we have vast experience of Lean processes gained from many years working for Toyota Motor Manufacturing and are able to communicate well and work in partnership with experienced Lean practitioners.

Customer focus is at the heart of everything we do, we are totally committed to ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with our products and services.

We also offer many accessories to support the running and maintenance of our Visual Management Centres, we can offer status magnets, clear magnetic document windows in a range of colours, maintenance kits as well as a range of mounting options should it not be possible to mount the boards on a wall. We offer a range of standard products but we are able to tailor any of the accessories to suit our client's specific requests.


Our Foam Insert Count In Count Out (CICO) products have been developed to support error prevention, developed whilst working in the Formula 1 pit environment where first time right is essential for performance and credibility, our foam insert products are developed to assist the installer/operator to help minimise the risk of an error.

Error prevention is a key Lean tool to prevent unnecessary quality defects being passed on to the customer, as well as being a crucial tool to prevent productivity loss.

Also a common fixture in the aerospace industry, our Count In Count Out products can reduce the risk of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) & can be supplied in kit boxes to aid simple transportation of parts or tools.

We typically manufacture from dual colour foam (Black on Red or Black on Blue), but we can offer single colour or a varied range of dual colour in line with our client's needs.

Our process is designed to make life easy for our clients, we are equipped to obtain all the necessary measurements on site at our client's premises if needed.

We can offer a range of different box options and can supply 'off the shelf' boxes or we can manufacture our own aluminium cases to the size that our client's require.


One of the basic Lean Tools used in many organisations are 5S shadow boards or 5s shadow board markings. Designed to enable people to spot an abnormality in seconds, our shadow boards are designed specifically to suit individual processes defined by our client's needs.

We have vast experience in implementing 5s shadow board markings ourselves gained from many years working for Toyota Motor Manufacturing, we are able to understand our client's needs and we can supply a full service from layout and design through to implementation and training.

We specialise in making the process easy for our clients, we have the experience to communicate with all levels within a business and can ensure that the requirements of the operators are met whilst satisfying the needs of the business.

We offer an on-site service where we can attend our client's business and obtain the information necessary to complete the design process in preparation for manufacture. We offer a range of different materials, aluminium, plastic and we can source specialist materials if required.


Performance Management Virtual Whiteboards are designed specifically for companies that want to use technology to drive their business performance, instead of traditional Visual Management boards.

Designed to be fully user friendly, Virtual Whiteboard provides an interface so that data can be displayed electronically removing the need for paper prints. Crucially, Virtual Whiteboard differs from typical dashboard systems because it has the capability to enable actions to be logged and displayed complete with a responsible person, target completion date and completion status. Please see our video to see more...

Virtual Whiteboard enables performance of a business unit to be visible no matter where you are, there is no need to be in an office or attend a 'traditional' Visual Management Centre, the performance can be seen using hand held devices or laptop PC's. The ability to log an action is also portable, so a manager can task his team with a specific action again without being there in person, the completion status of the action can be seen and tracked remotely.

Virtual Whiteboard can provide an automatic 'Andon' so that escalation can be provided to identify to a management team where an action has not been completed or performance has fallen below required levels. The 'Andon' can be in the form of a flashing red status banner, a text message, an email or an audible warning that plays consistently until the problem has been attended to. This is of particular use when there is a statutory check which is overdue, or when a crucial machine has stopped. Our software can be configured to suit the business needs of our client's.